Conference Rooms

We have three conference rooms at ITH, all at the disposal of our community. Each room is equipped with the latest technology to accommodate Zoom, Skype, videos, presentations, and more.

Any Tompkins County municipality may use any of the conference rooms free of charge. Scheduling still required.

Small Conference Room

The small conference room, located in our terminal by the Café, can comfortably sit one dozen people.

Rate: $100/day and $50/half day

Parking rates apply

Large Conference Room

The large conference room, located one door down from the small conference room, seats approximately two dozen people.

Rate: $200/day and $100/half day

Parking rates apply


The third conference room is located in the Airport Administration building to the left when you enter the front door. This room can accommodate approximately four dozen people.

Rate: $400/day and $200/half day

Free parking


To reserve a conference room, email

Checks are the only accepted form of payment. Please remit all payments to: Ithaca Tompkins International Airport, 72 Brown Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

Please contact or call 607-220-8046 for catering requests

For additional questions please call (607) 257-0456

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