Thu, May 30th, 2024


Parking: Short and Long Term (30 Minutes Free)

IMPORTANT: If for unavoidable circumstances your vehicle is stranded in our parking lot – please contact us for accommodations.

Free parking for up to 30 minutes is now offered in the short and long term parking lots. The parking concession at the airport is operated by Premium Parking.

You can reach the parking booth directly at (607) 227-7359.

First 30 Minutes

Short Term: Free; Long Term: Free;

31 – 60 Minutes

Short Term: $2.00; Long Term: $2.00;

1 to 2 Hours

Short Term: $3.00; Long Term: $3.00;

2 to 3 Hours

Short Term: $5.00; Long Term: $4.00

3 to 4 Hours

Short Term: $7.00; Long Term: $5.00;

4 to 5 Hours

Short Term: $8.00; Long Term: $6.00;

5 to 24 Hours

Short Term: $9.00; Long Term: $7.00;


Short Term: $45.00; Long Term: $35.00;

Parking Guide

To use our parking service, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Upon arriving at the airport, proceed to your preferred designated parking area, which is conveniently located near the main terminal.
  2. Retrieve your parking ticket upon entering your preferred parking lot.
  3. Park your vehicle in any available space within the parking lot.
  4. Remember to keep your parking ticket with you as you will need it for payment and exiting the lot upon your return.
  5. When you return go to your car and proceed to the Parking Booth to settle the payment, you can make the payment using cash or credit/debit cards.