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Lost and Found:  Please include a description of lost item, where you think your item was lost, date/time/flight #, and any other pertinent information.  For items lost on aircraft, please contact your airline. 


Airport Administration
Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport 
72 Brown Road
Ithaca NY 14850


For airline information, passenger paging, and baggage questions, please contact: 

Delta Airlines
Reservations: 1-800-221-1212
Baggage Service: 1-800-325-8224

US Airways
Reservations: 1-800-428-4322
Automated Flight Arrival and Departure: 1-800-943-5436
Local Desk: 607-257-0808 

United Airlines
Reservations: 1-800-864-8331
Arrivals & Departures: 1-800-824-6200
Baggage Service: 1-800-335-2247

For other questions, please call:
Airport Administration: 607-257-0456 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday

For directions to the passenger terminal (located seperately from Airport Administration) visit Maps and Directions.

To contact rental car providers or other airport occupants, please visit Airport Tenants.

Pilot and fixed base operator contact information can be found on the Pilot Information page.

Airport Advertising For information on advertising at the airport, contact Interspace Advertising: (800) 628-6800

Fixed Base Operator (FBO) The FBO at the airport is Taughannock Aviation Corporation which provides a variety of general aviation services including aircraft charter, aircraft management, ground support equipment, tie-downs, A&P service and aircraft fueling.

Taughannock Aviation can be reached at (607) 257-7500, or toll-free at (800) 876-1551.
More information:

East Hill FLying Club is an FAA approved (Part 141) flight school offering flight training and aircraft rental for their members.  They can be reached at (607) 257-1313 or visit their website:

  • Delta Airlines
  • USAirways
  • United Airlines
Free Wi-Fi

Enjoy free wi-fi at the airport, and learn more about our facilities and why you should fly ITH.