Fri, Dec 8th, 2023
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Staff & Air Services Board

Our team at the Ithaca Tompkins International Airport is made up of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and efficient travel experience for all of our passengers. From our experienced Airport Management Team to our dedicated Fire Fighters and Operations Technicians, everyone at the airport is focused on ensuring that every aspect of your visit is top-notch. And behind the scenes, our board of directors works tirelessly to oversee the airport’s operations and plan for its future growth and success. Together, our staff and board are proud to serve the Tompkins community and beyond by providing a vital transportation hub and economic driver for the region.

Airport Management

Roxan Noble, Airport Director

Roxan Noble, Airport Director

Roxan E. Noble, Airport Director

Josh Nalley, Airport Deputy Director/ARFF Chief

Jeremy Puterbaugh, Deputy ARFF Chief/Security & Training Coordinator

Chris Stephany, Marketing & Air Service Development Administrator

Tyrone Fish, Airport Terminal Services Coordinator

Cheryl Dean, Account Clerk Typist

Andrew Adsit, Airport Fire Fighter/Operations Technician

Tom Cooper, Airport Fire Fighter/Operations Technician

Ryan Green, Airport Fire Fighter/Operations Technician

Matt Muraca, Airport Fire Fighter/Operations Technician

Dustin Potter, Airport Fire Fighter/Operations Technician

Nate Sill, Airport Fire Fighter/Operations Technician

Kerry VanEtten, Airport Fire Fighter/Operations Technician

Tom Warner, Airport Fire Fighter/Operations Technician

Kent Wright, Airport Fire Fighter/Operations Technician

Air Service Board

The Air Service Board (ASB) began first as an advisory board, formed by the leadership from Tompkins County Area Development and the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce. Initial functions prior to 9/11 included marketing, forecasting and carrier relationships.

After September 11, the Tompkins County Legislature expanded the duties of the ASB to include ensuring increased entrepreneurship and agility of ITH. This included tasks of improving existing and attracting new air service, engaging customers, reviewing operations, maintaining on-going relationships with air carriers and stemming leakage to other airports.

  • Larry Baum, CEO, The Computing Center
  • Gregory Mezey, Co-Vice Chair, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Gary J. Stewart, Associate Vice President, Cornell University Community Relations
  • Melissa Marchese, Executive Director, Marketing Strategy, Ithaca College
  • Jennifer Tavares, President & CEO, Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce
  • Katie Borgella, Co-Vice Chair, Commissioner of Planning & Sustainability, Tompkins County Legislature
  • Ed Lavigne, Lansing Town Supervisor
  • Heather D. McDaniel, Chair, President, Tompkins County Area Development
  • Ken Hodges, Demographer, Claritas
  • Cathy Hart, Area General Manager, Courtyard Marriot