Thu, May 30th, 2024


2nd Landing Café Receives Glowing Review

Yesterday, the 2nd Landing Café, located inside Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport, received a very positive review from a happy customer. While traveling with her family out of ITH, Deb Hover bought some food from the café during a delayed flight. She was delighted by owner Kristine Sweeney’s prompt and friendly service: “she said she would have the food delivered to the other side of security: that would NEVER happen in a larger airport!” In addition, Kris offered Deb and her family a free parking pass for purchasing over $7 of food. This service encouraged Deb to return to 2nd Landing in the future and made her trip more enjoyable. Kris and her staff are valuable members of the ITH family, and we appreciate everything she does for us!


The 2nd Landing Café offers fresh, high-quality food to travelers heading in and out of ITH from Sunday to Friday from 4:30am to 6pm and Saturday from 6am to 2pm. For more information, check out ITH’s website, 2nd Landing’s Facebook page, or call the café at (607) 229-2880.

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