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Pilot Profile – Alex Torea

Alex standing in front of his 1956 Beechcraft Bonanza.

Did you know that Wednesday is National Aviation Day? We’re celebrating by putting the spotlight on some impressive members of our thriving aviation community! There are countless pilots and aviation enthusiasts in the area, but we’re starting with Alex Torea. At age 27, Alex flies private jets for a living AND owns his airplane!

Alex got involved in aviation at a young age because his grandfather was a dairy farmer and flight instructor in Aurora, NY. His childhood home wasn’t typical; just down past the barns was a quaint little airport with a grass runway and a few hangars. The airport, called Match Mate, still exists today. His grandfather taught countless people how to fly at Match Mate, one of them being Alex. His upbringing in a family with a pilot/flight instructor completely shaped his future and sparked his love for flying. At the age of 27, he has already had a diverse career in aviation, ranging from flying small sky-diving planes to private jets. He currently works for Taughannock Aviation as a First Officer on the Hawker 800, flying all around the country and beyond on a weekly basis. He considers this his dream job; he has always wanted to fly business jets in the area that he grew up in.

Alex and his grandfather, Ron

The highlight of his career has been completing his training and flying a jet at age 25, along with buying his own airplane at the same time. He flies his airplane, a 4-seater 1956 Beechcraft Bonanza, frequently in his spare time. It is the same airplane that his grandfather owned throughout Alex’s childhood. His grandfather currently still owns a Piper Cub, which Alex flies often.┬áHis dream plane to fly would be an Aerostar or Twin Bonanza.

Three generations of pilots standing in front of the Piper Cub; Alex, his uncle, and his grandfather

Alex has a strong passion for general aviation. He hopes that the future of aviation caters to both the general aviation community and the corporate world by keeping the small airports affordable/convenient for the little guys taking a weekend trip.

Alex flying his 1956 Beechcraft Bonanza

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