Mon, Apr 15th, 2024


Employee Profile—Roxan Noble

Roxan has worked for Tompkins County for 28 years, of which she has been at the Airport for twenty-two years. Of the 15 county employees at the airport, she has been there the longest.  Before she worked at the airport, she worked at Tompkins County Probation and Tompkins County Personnel for six years.

Roxan is currently Airport Deputy Director of Administration and one of her primary roles is the Airport Security Coordinator, who oversees all aspects of airport security.  She is also responsible for the airport budget, federal and state grants, airline and other billing, airport fees, contracts, minutes, and many other day to day duties. She loves the variety of jobs, and appreciates being able to do something different every day!

In her free time, Roxan loves spending time with her daughter Brittney. They both enjoy four-wheeling with friends and family, watching movies, and baking. Roxan is not a frequent flyer, but she did take a trip to Europe in high school to France, Switzerland, and Italy.  Her favorite thing about Ithaca is the wide variety of restaurants (especially Saigon Kitchen!) and she loves to try out new places. She has plenty of crazy stories to tell about people who call the airport, but unfortunately can’t publically go into detail about them!


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