Mon, Apr 15th, 2024


Shared Travel Destinations from ITH Airport

Did you know the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport can connect you to over 700 global destinations? We held a “Where Have You Traveled?” Facebook contest to see where our patrons have flown to from Ithaca.

We received over 20 responses which included beautiful pictures of vacation destinations, and the winner was awarded a $250 Travel Voucher to use on their next flight out of ITH. The submissions that were sent in are all below. Take a look!

Anchorage, Alaska


Costa Mesa, Mexico


Los Angeles, California


New Zealand




Bourges, France


Sydney, Australia


San Francisco, California


Mexican Riviera


Cognac Region of France


Paris, France


Charleston, South Carolina


Chicago, Illinois


Portland, Maine


Miami, Florida


Fort Myers, Florida


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania






Erie International Airport

Thank you to everyone who participated, and remember to stay up to date while supporting your local airport by liking us on Facebook. To see the hubs that we can connect you to, visit our previous blog post, “Where Do I Fly From ITH?”

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