Mon, Apr 15th, 2024


Employee Profile – Kent Wright

A recent graduate of the fire academy, Kent has been a member of the ITH fire team for one-and-a-half years. In addition to his position on the fire team, Kent is also a mechanic.  His favorite part of working at ITH is running training drills, as it reminds him of his time at the academy. Before joining the ITH fire team, Kent worked throughout New York and Pennsylvania constructing playgrounds in local parks, where he would always be the first one to go down the finished slides.

Kent’s favorite story from the ITH fire crew involves the local wildlife. While out on his shift, the crew found an osprey had nested in one of the power lines near the airport. As they attempted to move the bird, several people driving by the airport called out to them that the osprey was endangered, which provided two challenges: getting the bird out safely and avoiding a power outage!

In his spare time, Kent enjoys hunting, fishing, and repairing old cars. During high school, he was an avid soccer player, earning a place on the Men’s All-Start Soccer team to play in a tournament in France. He enjoys living in Ithaca for its wide-open, rural spaces.

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