Thu, May 30th, 2024


Employee Profile—Jeremy Peterbaugh

Deputy Chief Jeremy Puterbaugh is the longest-serving member of the ITH fire and operations crew—he has been on the crew for 19 years! Before joining the ITH crew, he worked in the line service for Taughannock Aviation as an aircraft fueler and line technician. His primary jobs at ITH include fire training as the Municipal Training Officer (MTO). Jeremy oversees the training curriculum and documentation put forth by the FAA and State for all the firefighters in ITH. Training is his favorite part of working at the airport, as he enjoys helping new firefighter/ operations technicians  learn the complex job of running all aspects of ITH Airport.
In his spare time, Jeremy likes to spend time with his friends and family but most importantly his wife thais, two children, and grand son. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, and playing darts during the winter month leagues.  His favorite flight was a trip to Arizona, but he has also taken vacations to Sunset Beach, SC and is heading to  Playa Moheres, Mexico this year.


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