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Air Travel Stretches to Make Your Flight More Bearable

Do you have pain when flying? Are you always uncomfortable and anxious to get off the plane? Try out these six simple travel stretches while sitting in your plane seat! Increase blood and oxygen flow, reduce stiffness, and enjoy flights more with these stretches.

Neck Roll

Neck Roll 2 Stretch

Neck Roll 1 Stretch

Neck rolls are an extremely easy and beneficial stretch to do while seating for a long duration on a plane. Neck rolls stretch not only your neck and spine but your shoulders as well. This dynamic stretch will alleviate stiffness in the neck caused by sitting for long periods of time. Complete five to ten neck rolls in each direction for best results.

Seated Twist

Seated Twist 1 Stretch

Seated Twist 2 Stretch

The seated twist is also another great stretch for your whole body. During the twist, tension is released, delivering blood and nutrients to your muscles and organs. Not only is this stretch great for your spine and upper body, it also helps fight disease due to the release of toxins. No more post-flight colds!

Shoulder Stretch

Shoulder Stretch

When sitting for a long period of time, our shoulders tend to get more tight than we expect. Doing a shoulder stretch is easy and discrete to do during your flight! Even if you can’t clasp your hands together, reach as far as possible in order to get the deepest stretch throughout your shoulders and back.

Lift Off Seat

Lift Off Seat Stretch

Although this is less of a stretch and more of an exercise, it’s a great way to stay awake during a flight! Press your hands on the edge of your chair, and push your body upwards. This will give your arms a great workout, as well as engage your core and back muscles in order to stay balanced! A quick, easy, and discrete way to get in a workout during your flight.

Fold Over Seated

Fold Over Stretch

Another full body stretch is the fold over seated stretch. Place your hands on the floor outside of your feet and fold your body over, stretching out your back and hips. If you get nervous during flights, try this stretch to calm your mind and nerves. The fold over seated travel stretch is great for a full body cool down, and you can hold it as long as you would like!

Arch and Curl

Arch and Curl 1 Stretch

Arch and Curl 2 Stretch

Arch and curl is very similar to cat and cow, but it’s easier to accomplish since you’re sitting down! Once again, this is a full body stretch that will definitely make your flight more bearable. This stretches out your back fully, neck, shoulders, as well as hips and abdomen. It also increases blood flow to the organs in your stomach, making your body more comfortable overall. What a great travel stretch!

If you have an unbearable flight approaching this season, try these easy and effective travel stretches in order to alleviate pain and increase blood flow for a more energetic and comfortable flight.

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