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10 Tips for Flying With Kids


Traveling with children can be a stressful process. If it is their first time in an airport or on a plane, they may act up or cause a disruption during the flight. To keep the trip running smoothly, it’s important to have your kids behave and cooperate. Here are some tips to keep your kids occupied and pacified:

  1. Plan ahead: A few days before the flight, make a list of things you’ll need to keep your children occupied and safe during travel. Be sure to pack some games, snacks, and extra activities to pass the time on long flights.
  2. It also helps to pack an extra set of clothes, especially for infants and toddlers. If they make a mess on the plane, you can change them and clean them off as soon as you land.
  3. If you are traveling with an infant, be sure to pack powdered baby formula and baby food to get through security. You can ask the flight attendants for hot water to prepare the formula, or even use room temperature tap water in a pinch.
  4. Pack an activity bag: Give your child plenty of activities to do on the plane, such as coloring books, games, books, or even a tablet computer. Letting them carry their own bag will give them a sense of responsibility, as well as something to look forward to on the flight!
  5. Naptimes: For younger children, flying may disturb their circadian rhythm. Be sure to bring whatever will help your child sleep with you in a carry-on bag: a blanket, eye cover, or a favorite stuffed animal are all good choices.
  6. Book an earlier flight: Though your child might be irritated by waking up early, it is better than having them lose sleep during late-night flights.
  7. Wear brightly colored clothing: Wearing bright clothing makes it easier to stay together in a group. If your child gets separated, it will be easier to spot them in a crowd and reunite.
  8. Additionally, if you are travelling with multiple children, assign each one a different color and a matching bag. It will help create a buddy system to ensure nobody gets lost.
  9. Take frequent bathroom breaks: Even when your children say they don’t need to use the bathroom, it is easier to go before the flight to avoid disturbing other passengers.
  10. Bring some games to play: Playing games with your children will help pass the time and make the flight more enjoyable.

For more information about flying with children, please check out the Upgraded Points’ Flying with Children Guide.

These tips will make flying easier for you and more fun for your children. Want more tips for flying stress free? Check out our Traveler Information page!

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