Mon, Apr 15th, 2024


Morning Congestion Travel Advisory


Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport would like to advise that, due to early morning traffic congestion, passengers traveling on the early morning flights should arrive one and one half hours before their flight for domestic flights and approximately two hours before their flight for international flights. The additional time is needed due to three fights departing at 6:00 a.m., increasing the potential lines at security. Passengers should be through security at least thirty minutes before their departure and ready to board. Delta Airlines policy is to have all through security 30 minutes before departure and on board and seated ten minutes before their departure, or their reservation is subject to cancellation.  

Delta and United will have their ticket counters open at 4:00, allowing passengers to get checked in and begin that process. American Airlines Ticket counters open at 4:30. TSA Screening opens at 4:30.

Upon reviewing the website for American Airlines – it appears the requirements are the same as Delta.  United flights require slightly different check in times, but due to the early morning congestion, it is best to arrive early to help ensure you make your flight. Please visit American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines’ websites for further information about departure and boarding guidelines, as well as other helpful information.

ITH is determined to help all of our passengers have an enjoyable flight and reach their destinations on time. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for further updates on the situation.

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