Mon, Apr 15th, 2024


ITH Receives SOARs Senate Grant For Revitalization Project

Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport has been awarded a $250,000 Statewide Opportunities for Airport Revitalization (SOARs) grant from New York State Senators Pamela Helming and James Seward last Friday. As part of the SOARs program, ITH will receive funding to upgrade and promote the airport throughout the Tompkins County region. Senator Helming stated that the airport is “critical to Tompkins County’s continued growth and prosperity,” generating over 30 million dollars in revenue and serving over 200,000 passengers last year.

The airport is also crucial to local job growth according to Senator Seward. “(ITH) is a key component to the local economy,” he said, “and educating individuals and businesses about the full range of services available at the airport will boost future usage and draw people from all walks of life to our region.” As more passengers fly into ITH and explore the region, they contribute to local economic growth. Using the SOARs grant will help ITH promote and expand local business opportunities, as well as expand its presence within the air travel industry.

ITH is honored to be the recipient of the SOARs grant, and looks forward to future collaborations with local businesses to make the most of these funds. This is only the beginning of our development plan—Senator Seward has hinted at more developments within the coming months! To find out more, read here at the Ithaca Journal, the Lansing Star, and The Ithacan.




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