Thu, May 30th, 2024


American Airline’s Will Consolidate the Region’s Flights out of ITH

American Airlines will consolidate the region’s flights out of ITH in an continued effort to increase service and create more convenient schedules for customers. This is due to our strong market share in Tompkins County. The overall American Airlines business strategy will be to reduce peak-time air traffic at PHL, ultimately reducing delays. Find out more about American’s business move here.

In the meantime, we are hopeful for expansion and infrastructure funding from a grant benefiting New York’s regional airfields. Our proposal includes a terminal overhaul that takes international visitors into account, including the addition of a customs facility. In an article by TWC News, ITH manager, Mike Hall, says “Ithaca’s a destination. A lot of people want to come here. Secondly most of our travel is business travel.” There has been an increase in passengers at ITH, which is why all three major airlines continue to operate out of ITH. The next round of funding is expected to be announced December 1.

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