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“Life Lines” Exhibit at ITH

The Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport is currently hosting an exhibit by local painter Roberta Estes. Entitled “Life Lines,” the exhibit features eleven new abstract pieces created within the first six months of 2016. Each painting represents an unbound space in which she felt free to explore her art. “These paintings helped me answer some questions I was struggling with,” Estes says. “The unlimited possibilities inherent in art ended up giving my life structure.”


Checker Cab

This year, Estes’s work was presented as a feature in a PBS/WXXI segment, Arts InFocus. The exhibit featured was entitled: “Distraction Abstraction – a bipolar odyssey,” and is a study of living with bipolar disorder through abstract art; the exhibit ran from May to June 2016 in the Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY, and you can view the segment at:

Make sure to visit the airport to view these wonderful works by Roberta Estes. “Life Lines” will run through September 30. For more information about the exhibit and to see  more of Roberta’s work, please visit her website at


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