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Airport Ambassador Delivers “Amazing Service”

Every so often, airport administration is made aware of an exceptional example of customer service at the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport, and every time, we take a moment out of our often busy days to make sure the employee responsible is recognized for his or her efforts. Regardless if the employee works directly for the airport, or is a contractor to the airport, or works for an airline or other airport based business, we all leave a lasting impression on our customers and passengers who use our facility. The latest example came in an email to the airport manager from Heather Filiberto, Director of Economic Development Services at Tompkins County Area Development.

Heather flew in recently one night at 10:30 pm with her nine month old daughter. It was 15 degrees outside when she arrived and she couldn’t manage to get her suitcase, stroller, and car seat to her car in one trip while tending to the infant. That’s when she met airport ambassador, Tommy Vaughan. Recognizing the situation she faced, Tommy sprang in action. He offered to retrieve her car from the lot, scrape all the ice off it, and bring it around to the front curb all warmed and ready to go. Although, this is not in the normal scope of Tommy’s work duties, he is responsible for assisting our arriving and departing customers in many ways. But it is obvious that under these circumstances, he truly “went above and beyond what anyone should or would have done,” as Heather explained.

We are proud to have Tommy as part of the airport team, and acknowledge his contributions with our sincere gratitude. Tommy has also received a small token of appreciation from Robert Nicholas, Airport Manager, for a job well done.

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