Mon, Apr 15th, 2024


Airport Reaches Record Passenger Numbers

A record 121,334 passengers departed the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport this year, more than 11% over 2010 figures and an all time airport record. The second highest year for enplaned passengers dates back to 1990 with 114,154 getting on commercial service flights. What’s more, load factors, or the percentage of seats filled on flights was reported to be 70.7 % whereas 2009 figures show only 66.4%.

Airport Manager Robert Nicholas attributes the increase to more competitive airfares in Ithaca as a result of three airlines now operating here. Ithaca has historically lost passengers to Syracuse, but now with fares that are often cheaper than those found out of Syracuse, Ithaca seems to be recovering some of its previous losses. As a side note, Syracuse passenger traffic was reported to be only up about 1% over last year.

Travelers are encouraged to always consider flying Ithaca first and many are surprised at the fares they have been finding for the last few years. Even when fares are slightly higher, the hassle of traveling to another airport, driving in bad weather, and paying for gas and higher parking fees all factor into the total trip cost. Nicholas also reports that travelers are often tired of dealing with larger airports and prefer the more personalized service they receive in Ithaca.


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