Thu, May 30th, 2024


Calculating the Full Cost of Driving Past ITH

To help travelers calculate the full cost of driving beyond Ithaca, has an easy to use online travel calculator. The occasional savings on airfare is often washed away when considering the full cost of making the extra drive.

The travel calculator starts with an estimate of how much a traveler feels their own time is worth. Using this as a base value, the calculator estimates cost to include the vehicle mileage at 37 cents a mile for a round trip drive and the personal time in the car driving both ways. An additional cost is calculated to reflect the generally longer check-in and security times faced at larger airports. These figures are added to the additional costs to park your car far bitcoin mixer reddit from home.

All of these figures lead to the final estimation of the total extra costs of driving to a distant airport – a cost that is unique to each traveler deciding whether or not to choose the convenience of flying from Ithaca.

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