2012 ITH Sustainable Airport Master Plan

When people think of “green” infra- structure, they rarely think of aviation. Airplanes and related operations activities are often viewed as significant sources of air emissions and other negative environmental impacts.

In 2012 ITH created a sustainability master plan. To incorporate sustainability into the traditional master plan process, the team established sustainability goals and set targets at an initial kickoff meeting with stakeholders. Areas addressed were:

  • Air quality and climate change
  • Energy conservation and renewable energy
  • Materials use and waste reduction and recycling
  • Hazardous materials management and remediation
  • Land and natural resources management
  • Noise abatement
  • Surface transportation management
  • Water quality protection and water conservation
  • Buildings and facility management and opera- tions
  • Socioeconomic bene ts and community out- reach/involvement
  • Land use

View the Sustainable Master Plan here.

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