Your Seat Has Been Upgraded!

ITH is proud to announce the installation of brand new seats in the boarding area! These seats are comfortable and represent ITH’s commitment to give the best service to the Ithaca community.

Since ITH has become fully serviced by jets, more people want to fly out of our airport! As a result, the number of passengers in the boarding area increased significantly. Our previous amenities could no longer accommodate every passenger comfortably, so ITH had to adapt to the rapid rate of its growth. The new installation of seats can accommodate more passengers and provide a more pleasant experience for anyone flying out of ITH.

ITH officially upgraded the seats of everyone in the Ithaca community on April 19th with this installation. As Roxan Noble, the airport deputy director says, “The Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport is working towards offering the best customer service experience and continuing to grow our passenger numbers!” ITH is always willing to go the extra mile!

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