Spring Getaways

As we settle into the first weeks of spring, the first hints of grass start appearing amidst the snow. Suddenly, the routines we’ve been living contently during the winter seem old and we start yearning for something that breaks the mold. Luckily, ITH has your back with the perfect one-stop destinations to blow the monotonous away from your life. Imagine yourself in the colorful landscapes of our 5 picks for an early spring getaway. 


San Jose Cabo, Mexico 


The tropical warmth will surely contrast Ithaca’s weather, waking you up from your winter spell. While long white beaches and blue oceans are the highlight of this Mexican town, San Jose Cabo offers many other opportunities to relax. You can visit the numerous art galleries, soak in the rich culture of San Jose Cabo’s streets, or stroll down the organic farmer’s market and explore its restaurants. The most breathtaking, adventurous hiking areas are at your reach with short bus rides, like Canon Costa Azul. And if you still have time  to party, you have easy access to Cabo San Lucas’ nightlife.  


Naples, Italy 


Naples, especially in low season, is Italy at its most inhibited, with raw crumbling streets that drip history and religious landmarks. Every little corner is decorated with shrines to saints, idols or lost loved ones, hinting at the town’s brutal reputation. Contrary to popular opinion, Naples is a safe, wonderful city, why else would it be the birthplace of pizza? Enjoy the finest, most authentic slices in places that are mostly popular with locals, but don’t forget about experiencing the Neapolitan coffee! And after your second cup of the day, get yourself to Pompeii and the Herculaneum to get a taste of the country’s roots.  


Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik”s modernism is striking, and unlike anything that you’ve ever seen. The skyline of Reykjavik seems to be crafted to blend with the sky. However, after you’ve visited the Harpa cultural center, strolled through the museums and perhaps listened to the Iceland Symphony Orchestra there’s still much more to do outside the city. The best part of Iceland, after all is it’s mystical nature. If you go in March or early spring, you still have the opportunity of being part of winter activities, like visiting the gorgeous ice caves or the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. The days are longer than in the dead of the winter, but there’s still plenty of hours left to spot the northern light or an aurora borealis. During this time of the year, great whales return around the island, making it a great opportunity to get a glimpse of these marvelous creatures.  


Beijing, China 


This eastern metropolis is a sight to see—It has taller buildings than New York City, but keeps it’s ancestral heritage a priority. In this season, Beijing has great opportunities for the cost-conscious traveler, like cheaper visas, airfare, hotels and tours. A big advantage of traveling during the low season is that there are fewer tourists around, leaving more space for you to explore the streets and the hottest attractions. Explore the hutongs, the Forbidden City, the Summer Gardens, the Temple of heaven or hundreds of historical monuments to learn about Chinese culture. Every single one of these sites is worth it. 


Tel-Aviv,  Israel  

Considered one of Israel’s major cities, Tel-Aviv is a melting pot of Jewish influences from the East Coast of the United States, Mizrachi Yemen, Ashkenazi Eastern Europe, and even Russia. 

Stroll down Rothschild’s Boulevard and catch a glimpse at the beautiful Bauhaus buildings that surround it, or explore Tel-Aviv’s own version of Central Park—Park Hayarkon. Equipped with a  bird safari, a rock garden with over 3,500 species of plants and a tropical garden full of palms and orchids this is an activity that could easily take a day. You can also take a walk through the picturesque markets this town has to offer, or among its bright beaches and port. And when hungry or bored at night, Tel-Aviv’s cuisine  and nightlife won’t disappoint. This is a city that will break any routine. 


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