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Learn more about reserving the TC3 Conference Room for your next meeting.

The public is invited to visit the TC3 Airport Conference Room, located in the east wing of the terminal building. The 400 square foot room features tables and seating for 20 people along with A/V equipment. Free wireless internet access available.  A telephone line is available on request, however, you must bring your own phone. Local, toll-free, or incoming calls only.

The conference room is conveniently located close to The Second Landing Cafe to accommodate your group's catering needs and is available for use from 6am to 11pm daily. A room use agreement must be completed and a fee paid for use of the room. The fee will be reduced or waived if catering is required for your group. Free parking is provided.

For reservations, contact (607) 266-0007.

  • Delta Airlines
  • USAirways
  • United Airlines
Free Wi-Fi

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