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Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 Fog, 60 F

Capital Projects

Planned improvement projects for the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport.


  • Runway Safety Area Improvements & Obstruction Removal (Construction)     $3.6mil
  • Relocate Parallel Taxiway (Phase III)     $3.26mil
  • Hangar Demolition for Apron Expansion (Design & Construction)     $263k
  • Terminal Fire Alarm System Replacement     $80k


  • Terminal Roof Replacement     $375k
  • Obstruction Removal (On-airport)     
  • Master Plan Update     $175k
  • Acquire Snow Removal Equipment  (Snow Plow)     $450k
  • CFR Building - Operations Addition     $175k
  • Acquire Snow Removal Equipment (Multi-purpose Unit))     $65k
  • Acquire Disabled Passenger Lift     $50k


  • CFR Building - Sand Storage Addition     $200k
  • Apron Expansion (Old FBO - Design & Construction)     $750k
  • Easement Acquisition for Obstruction Removal     
  • Delta Airlines
  • USAirways
  • United Airlines
Free Wi-Fi

Enjoy free wi-fi at the airport, and learn more about our facilities and why you should fly ITH.